About Adam Ellifritt

Small Beginnings, Big Adventures.

Born to a blue-collar-worker and stay-at-home mom, I was convinced I would grow up to be a famous singer. My love for building business lead me on much greater adventure and I'm proud of who I really am today. 

From going bankrupt at 21 years old to co-founding a successful record label, these days I carry a much different title.

I am a passionate social media marketing expert with over 14 years of professional digital marketing experience for both large multinational companies and small local businesses alike.

If you’re looking for a marketing partner that has extensive experience in quality content creation as well as robust social media marketing distribution—than look no further.

So what does working with me look like? Well, I run a top-notch digital marketing agency called Wisemen Media where our big focus is social media marketing.

Our key services include:

Managing your Facebook and Instagram accounts for you, with a focus on accelerating growth and increasing engagement. 

Running robust Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns in order to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and sell your product or service online or in-store.

Creating beautiful, compelling photo and video content for you on a monthly basis
Advising you on social media marketing best practices, including how to explode your brand and significantly increase your sales online. 

Developing beautiful email marketing newsletters and blasts that are in sync with our aesthetic, brand, and social media marketing strategies.

These days you can find me at Wisemen Media