Hi, I'm Adam Fuller Ellifritt.

I've spent my entire career as a serial entrepreneur building my businesses and I love helping others build theirs. From filing bankruptcy at 21 years of age to growing a successful record label, i've experienced the pitfalls of any entrepreneur. I especially know what it's like to start from the bottom and work your way up again and again. As a social media marketing expert, I don't want to watch you struggle to climb a hill, I want to climb it for you. Let me show you the view from the top. 

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About Adam

In a galaxy far far away from any social media. 

I was born in 1988 to an insanely hard working man and a stay-at-home mother. We lived in the PNW where I was convinced I would grow up to be a famous singer. My love for growing businesses led me down a much different path...

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